Learning on the go

Today learners do not want to learn at their office desk. The biggest advantage of mobile learning is its innate capability to offer anytime-anywhere learning on the go.

Dynamic Teaching Methodologies

Mobile learning is extremely friendly to newer and modern teaching methodologies. It is extremely friendly towards visual learning, since it so easily supports audio, video, and images. This means that content built for mobile learning is inherently dynamic.

Always on

With our solution, you can access data at any given time and from anywhere. Our bite sized lessons make it easier to pay attention and remember what you learned


Mobile learning offers tremendous flexibility to learners to choose the device they wish to learn on, when they want to learn and most significantly, at the pace they can consume and assimilate.

Learning path

Phone based reminders and organizers are integrated with the mLearning platforms. Learners get ongoing notifications and updates on their courses, which they check anywhere and anytime. The can also resume their course easily, without unlearning previous content

Promotes collaborative learning

Students are able to comment and ask questions on the platform, allowing student to learn from each other, and/or getting feedback from facilitators if there is clarity needed for a topic

What We Offer?

Mobile APP Development

We create mobile applications and capability, for people who are on the go, and want to access various contents at their leisure.

Enterprise Applications | Mobile Learning applications | Business & Utility Apps Development | Social media networking Apps Development | E-Commerce Apps Development

PHP Web Development

A Scripting language, PHP is widely used in the web industry on diverse web applications online. The prime motive behind PHP is to produce such an online web application that is easy to manage from both users-front end and back end. It's free and no requires a license.

PHP Web Development | Node.js Development | php and angular web development | Responsive php web application development | Laravel and Angular ERP Development

UI/UX Design

We believe in delivering exceptional UI/UX that beyond being just user-centered and craft innovative design experiences. Our team of UX strategists, visual designers, information architects, and strategists focus at the larger constellation of touch points with audiences and draft excellent design realities.

PSD Development with photoshop | illustrator and CorelDRAW | Logo Development, Web Designing | Mobile Application Designing | Design on demand | Digital Branding


Animation is a method in which pictures are manipulated to appear as moving images. In traditional animation, images are drawn or painted by hand on transparent celluloid sheets to be photographed and exhibited on film. Our animations are made with computer-generated imagery (CGI). We create our animations based on need of subject.

2D Animated Explainer Video | Cartoon Animation | Promotional Video | Kinetic Typography | Whiteboard Animation

Our Process


We set up a meeting with our esteemed clients and understand their precise requirements. This helps us to comprehend how the web can be utilized to achieve their strategic goals.

After collating the pertinent information, we move ahead to plan the various elements of the project, such as, deciding on the web platform, delivery schedules, and much more.

Design and Development

Our team of proficient designers and developers work closely to create a prototype after integrating various components, including aesthetics, navigation, colour scheme, and more.


Our Line-up of technicians is fully adept at testing the interface to check its effectiveness and searching for fallacies or undesirable design elements.


Backed by a decade of industry expertise, we are well-versed with the activities pertaining to launch and post launch of a website.


The valuable feedback provided by our clients helps us in making the required changes as well as delivering an enhanced performance.


Transforming learning and knowledge sharing

We have built practical and current solutions for clients in ensuring that their consumers access content in demand. Our platforms are both engaging and consumer centric, and ensure that tasks are efficiently completed. We pride ourselves in having satisfied clients in our continuously strive to improve on our delivery.


Clients Served


Project Completed





Our specialities

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